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Model S


The Model S is the quintessential Walker Mower. Inspired by the original 1977 prototype, the Model S is simple and easy to operate, and very efficient at mowing residential properties. With Walker’s Grass Handling System®, a patented Thru-Shaft® PTO blower design, and reduced weight and cost, the Model S is the perfect entry-level mower for experiencing Walker’s signature beautiful cut and zero-turn productivity.


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18 HP Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine
Increased displacement and torque
7.4 MPH ground speed
4 gallon fuel tank

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Model S

The Model S is perfect for residential lawns. The Model S features Walker’s Grass Handling System® (GHS) with a patented 12.75 inch Thru-Shaft®෴ PTO GHS blower and a 7.0 bushel grass catcher. The compact design, coupled with Walker’s precision steering levers and Forward Speed Control, makes getting in and out of tight landscape features and obstacles possible, minimizing hand-held trimming and walk-behind mower time.

The lightweight, balanced design improves steering agility, shortening overall job time. Integrated Hydro-Gear ZT3100 transmissions are durable and provide precise maneuverability and industry-wide service and support. The Model S is engineered for affordability and efficiency. With commercial-grade components and multiple configurable add-ons, the Model S is a serious tool for commercial operators maintaining compact, complex properties.
Blower Shaft
Walker's 12.5 inch GHS blower incorporates a patented thru-shaft PTO

Standard Features

  • High capacity, commercial engine air filtration
  • Precision steering system
  • Forward Speed Control
  • Hydro-Gear ZT3100 transmissions
  • Tilt-up decks and tilt-open body
  • Flexible deck carrier frame
  • Grass Handling System® (GHS)
  • 12.75 inch Thru-Shaft® PTO GHS blower
  • Oscillating PowerFil® chute with Grass-Pak® full signal
  • 7 bushel (8.7 cu. ft.) grass catcher

Popular Add-ons


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