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Model C


The Model C is the original ponlotu.commercial lawn mower. Since its introduction in 1986 the Model C has been continually refined and improved with the commercial operator in mind, especially those who maintain residential properties. The Model C is a compact and versatile mower with impressive productivity.


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19 HP Kohler Command Pro CH620 engine
Entry level commercial mower


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19 HP Kohler Command Pro ECH630 EFI engine
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Model C

The Model C is simple, light weight, and features components that keep it narrow and compact. Operators can quickly get in and out of places that are simply inaccessible with other mowers. Tight corners, overhanging obstacles, gates, and narrow strips of grass are no problem for the Model C.

The Model C includes Walker’s Grass Handling System® (GHS) with a 10.5 inch high-speed blower and 7.0 bushel grass catcher with PowerFil® oscillating chute and Grass-Pak®♏ full signal. The GHS system, combined with tilt-open bodies, tilt-up decks, precision steering and handling, and Kohler Command Pro engines, make lawn maintenance with the Model C easy and enjoyable.

Standard Features

  • High capacity, commercial engine air filtration
  • Precision steering system
  • Forward Speed Control
  • Eaton Model 7 transmission with ductile cast iron gearbox final drive
  • Tilt-up decks and tilt-open body
  • Flexible deck carrier frame
  • 4 gallon fuel tank
  • Grass Handling System® (GHS)
  • 10.5 inch GHS blower
  • Oscillating PowerFil® chute with Grass-Pak® full signal
  • 7 bushel (8.7 cu. ft.) grass catcher

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