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Implement Hitch

Unlocking tremendous versatility

Implement Hitch

Five implements mount interchangeably on the Walker Mower using the quick-change hitch system. The Implement Hitch replaces the mower deck and installs on the tractor in less than a minute. Implements then slide onto the hitch and lock in place with the flip of a lever for true “quick change” capability. The hitch assembly includes operator footrests and an electric power lift. A switch raises and lowers implements and is quadrant mounted on the Forward Speed Control lever for convenient operation.

Type: Implement
H10 - Models C, T, D
H19 - Model H
H21 - Model B
Ideal Application: Year-Round Versatility
Key Features: Required for all Implements, toggle switch mounted on Foward Speed Control for tongue operation






H10 Implement Hitch for Models C, T, & D
H10 Left
H10 Front Left
H10 Front
H10 Front Right
H10 Right
H10 Detail
H19 Implement Hitch for Model H
H19 Left
H19 Front Left
H19 Front
H19 Front Right
H19 Detail
H21 Implement Hitch for Model B
H10 Left
H10 Left
H10 Left
H10 Left
H10 Left

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